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/Event – NaviGo Graduate
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Workshop Benefits:

In this session, you will learn:

  • Emotional Intelligence applications in the 21st Century Workplace
  • Read emotions in managing, coaching and mentoring people
  • Emotional triggers and its hidden messages in daily conversations
  • Learn, test and train your ability to accurately read facial micro-expressions™!

Discover how these insightful skills enable you to read people more accurately than a lie detection machine as well as pick up on hidden information from others in your day-to-day interactions – In recruitment, managing people, sales, compliance and auditing, negotiation, industry relations, and even your personal life.

Based in Validated Science

The content is based on Dr. Paul Ekman Ph.D.’s incredible body of proven and accepted scientific research on emotions and lie detection, which has successfully been applied by the CIA, FBI, Scotland Yard and numerous organisations in various sectors. During this workshop, we will also share some insider tips and hands-on tools that you can test and apply right away, such as recognizing emotions by reading their facial micro expressions!

Your Speaker: Carsten Cziborr

  • The only Paul Ekman Approved & Certified Trainer in Malaysia & Singapore
  • CEO and Managing Director of NaviGo® Asia, Singapore & Malaysia
  • Former Regional Director at Siemens
  • 20+ Years experience building and developing leaders across Asia & Europe

Using The Science

What separates the content apart from most other training skill about emotional intelligence and lie detection is that everything you will learn has been thoroughly researched, peer-reviewed, and accepted in the scientific community. There are no ‘myths’ or ‘pop science’ here, only the facts compiled by those who have studied and tested it for decades. This validation comes from Dr. Paul Ekman Ph.D., who is still considered the leading authority on the science of emotions, Micro-expressions™ and lie detection. This science was been successfully applied into the harshest conditions with the CIA, FBI, Scotland Yard and numerous other corporations and industries throughout the world.

Is Deception Detection For Me?

Absolutely. Regardless of whichever industry or job scope you are entrusted with; simply knowing when someone is not being completely honest with you informs you about what to do next. Should you ask a question? Should you dismiss it? Should you probe further? Any good leader will agree that you cannot make good decisions without considering all the information, and with this capability, you will see so much more information and gain insight about the person you’re dealing with! The question is only whether you want to use that information to go any further.

While it may not be your main job to detect deception per se, everyone shares the responsibility to say something when you see something. Because ignoring things like fraud, depression, and public meltdowns affects everyone on some level. The question is, are you concluding that a person is truthful or not based on some actual scientific evidence to support it or just your gut-feel? Are you aware how you are making these decisions? Are they based on a ‘pop myths’ or pseudo-science?

Is Emotional Intelligence For Me?

Yes, it is. Many people don’t understand what emotions are, let alone their own emotions. Few are aware and even fewer become aware of how to manage it because the reality is that you cannot be ‘intelligent’ about something that you’re not even aware about. Despite our best intentions, our best efforts, and our optimism that we can handle our emotions, we still see how easily emotions can get ahead of us. This mostly happens because we try to ‘control’ our emotions, even ignore or suppress them, instead of ‘managing’ them as early as we can.

That’s why understanding the science puts you in a better position to recognise the signals in yourself and others, understand their purpose and triggers, before taking any action. Take your self-development deeper by understand what sets you off and why.